Mechanical Drain Cleaning in Miami County, OH

Mechanical drain cleaning

Mechanical Drain cleaning machines, also known as drain snakes or augers, are specialized tools used to clear blockages in pipes and drains. These machines are typically used for larger blockages in longer or more complex pipes, and are more powerful and efficient than manual drain snakes.

This process, also known as scraping, is also useful if the deposits in your pipe have calcified and are extremely difficult to remove.

Essentially, we insert a device into the drain. It then moves through the pipe, scraping away all of the build-up.

Because it doesn’t require water to flow through your drain, it’s especially important if other methods are proving ineffective. It’s one of the more corrosive forms of drain cleaning since we’re scraping the pipe, which is why we need to pair this technique with our cured-in-place pipe replacement technique.

Why is drain cleaning important?

There are a number of reasons why you may need to get your drain cleaned. We’ll perform an inspection to make sure, but various types of build-up are often responsible for draining problems, since the water is unable to move past the build-up in an efficient manner.

We also need to clean your drain before using our cured-in-place pipe replacement method. This is because your current pipe needs to be at its proper diameter, and our materials need to be able to properly attach to it.

In some situations, you may be able to clean your drain yourself with a snake. However, hydro-jets and mechanical drain cleaning are both stronger, more advanced solutions that need to be performed by a professional plumber.

Our mechanical cleaners/scrapers restore sewer drain pipes to their original diameter by removing all buildup and roots.