HDR Video Inspection of Sewer and Water Drain Pipes

At CPR, we have a simple, three-step process that’s designed to make pipe repair as simple as possible for you. We pride ourselves on eliminating the need for digging, demolition, and disruption.

The first step is inspecting pipes. In this article, you’ll learn more about how these inspections work: what you should expect during the process, what we look for, and when we recommend these inspections to our clients.

How Does HDR Video Inspection Work?

HDR video inspection is designed to be as simple as possible for you. Essentially, one of our experts will come to your location and determine what drain can be used to snake the camera in.

The camera has an LED light attached to it, which allows us to see exactly where the problem or problems are occurring. We’ll use a viewing monitor to watch the camera as it snakes through the pipe, but this video is also recorded. You can then access this video later if you have any questions about the state of your piping.

What Are We Looking For?

Unfortunately, there are a variety of different problems that can afflict your pipes. For that reason, we want as much information as possible before determining the best solution.

Snaking the camera into the problematic piping will allow us to see exactly what problems are occurring. As well, we’ll be able to see where they’re occurring.

Tree roots are a common problem, as they can grow into the pipe and cause waterflow problems. We also often see breaks and cracks in the pipes themselves, which wear away with age.

Once we’ve diagnosed the problem, we’ll be able to consult with you and discuss the best solution.

As our name suggests, CPR often recommends cured-in-place pipelining for our clients because — as with HDR video inspection — it’s much more convenient than digging up ground.

Do You Need HDR Video Inspection?

In most situations, the advantages of HDR video inspection will be clear. Whether you’re having a one-off problem with your piping or it’s an issue that keeps occurring, an inspection is the first step you need to take.

However, aside from solving emergencies or longer-lasting problems, video inspections can also be useful when you’re buying a property for the first time. This allows you to avoid any unexpected problems that aren’t accounted for in the price of the property.

Pipe Problems in Dayton, Ohio?

HDR video inspection of sewer and water drain pipes will allow you to discover the source of the problem. This is vastly preferable to having a crew come in and dig up the ground before you’re even sure if your piping needs to get replaced.

We’re leading the way in cured-in-place pipelining, and we’re happy to help you with any piping problems you’re having.

If you want to get a video inspection for your pipes, schedule an appointment with CPR. We promise to use the most advanced methods and products and highly trained technicians every time. You can schedule an inspection on our website or by calling us at 1-800-370-0125.